Cost Effectiveness of Riding the Bus to Work

With all this crazy heat, I’m sure you’ve heard it: “Ozone concentrations are high. Please consider riding the bus!”   Well, periodically, I do consider riding the bus. First I look to see if there is a route I can actually take to work. Then I’ll calculate the cost difference between riding the bus and driving my car. Then I choose not to ride the bus, forget about it, and repeat this process again in a few weeks.

Well, enough is enough. I made a spreadsheet to compare the cost effectiveness of riding the bus vs. driving my car. Even better, I made two versions: one that takes into consideration only the price of gas, and one that accounts for secondary costs like wear and tear. And even better? I made it pretty, and added instructions, so that I can share it with anyone who wants it.

Of course, what I can’t include in a spreadsheet is how you value clean air. You’ll have to take that into consideration on your own. 

Here's the spreadsheet! 


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