I have loosely organized my blog entries into a few categories. I used the categories in my tags and used my list of tags along the right hand side of the blog to allow you to view entries by category.

The categories are as follows:
     Oklahoma Adventures–  This is where I post about interesting things in and around the state. This might have stories about events I attended or places I visited, or even places I plan and long to visit. 
     EcoHoma – General information about Oklahoma that strikes me as interesting. News, science, events, etc. 
     EcoMe – Are my adventures and misadventures in greening my life and/or leading an ecologically driven lifestyle.

     Okie Reviews – When I feel moved to do so, I will share some reviews of stuff and things with you. Because I can get strangely passionate over a really good concert, documentary, or radio program.

     EcoIcons – Environmental folk that inspire me. (May or may not add to often)

     Gardening - Yup. I find that I blog disproportionately about my garden so I thought it should be its own category.

    News - Double-yup.

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