Recycled Glass Countertops

We are in the process of completing a bathroom renovation project, and recently received our custom-made countertop samples from River's Edge Countertops. They are so beautiful! The pictures don't really do them justice. These are made from plate glass and black light bulbs. It took us a few days to pick between them, and we will be getting the lighter one.

These are made by a local business owner in Newcastle, and the price is mid-range comparable... not like that ridiculous $100 a square foot recycled countertops they sell at Lowe's. In fact, it wound up being similar to low-end prices for granite. This product certainly costs more than a plastic, synthetic counter, but isn't it worth more? It's prettier, more durable, from a local craftsman, and better for the environment.  Post-consumer recycled glass countertops like these keep products out of the landfill, aren't made with nasty non-renewable petroleum byproducts, and won't off-gas VOCs into your home.  They are tougher to scratch or stain than plastic and easy to maintain.

So it works like this... if you want to buy a countertop from this guy you call him. You can go to his show room and pick out a sample from his pre-made designs, or you can discuss what you have in mind and he can custom make you a pattern sample (like he did for us), which will take a week or so. He will come out to your house and measure the space himself. Once everything is laid out, 2 more weeks should see the countertop made, and he will come out and install it for you, all price-inclusive with a lovely warranty. Needless to say, I'm excited to see what our bathroom vanity will look like 2-3 weeks from now...


Vik Rana said...

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Glass Bathroom Countertops

bethJ said...

My friend is a semi custom home builder in Charlotte NC and he just had a bunch of homes built with recycled glass countertops. He used Web Don (a major supplier) and said that these countertops were the best he had seen yet. Recycled Glass is really moving ahead of granite countertops. Recycled Glass Countertops