About Me
I have been living in Oklahoma my entire life, and most of this time has been spent in Oklahoma City, with brief forays of living in Latimer and Cleveland counties.  I do not stay here because I am “stuck;” I have been to other places of the country and the world, and I love Oklahoma! I have spent many hours trekking through the forests and swamps and cityscapes of our state and I am proud to be an Okie. Because I live in OKC, most of my information will be in regards to the OKC metro, so I will have to rely on my fellow Okies for tales from other counties.

My professional background spans many experiences – working in everything from the performing arts, fitness, teaching, sales, service, laboratories, bodywork, and horticulture – but I have finally and predictably found my home working in the environmental arena.   I have been actively studying the natural and environmental sciences since 1995. I received a B.S. in environmental science (emphasis botany) in 2005, and have been in the environmental profession since 2004.  My specialty is air quality policy; my true love is ecology; I am fascinated by climate change.

I started this blog because I realized that sharing what I do matters. Environmentalism is often a "silent art"... it is hard to lead by example when external cues don't display actions.  It is easy to feel alone when nobody speaks up. So this is me, remembering to speak up: "Hi, I'm an Okie, and I'm an environmentalist and a scientist. I care. And this is what I do."

I am always trying to stay updated on what is happening in this crazy, technical, fast-paced and vast environmental field – realizing as I do so that there are many things I’m likely to miss (especially with the cost of subscriptions to peer reviewed journals, OMG). I am always looking for better ways to do things – whether they are cheaper, more efficient, more environmental, more sustainable, or just better quality – without going to the far extremes. This is not No Impact Man (although I admire his pluck!); I will not turn off my heat in winter or climb the stairs of a 50-story building to save the electricity used by an elevator. But I will research and buy efficient appliances; I will observe Ozone Alert Days; I will shop local; I will conserve where I can. Not because I think I can save the earth alone, but because wiser choices are usually sensible all the way around, and because it takes every cent to make a dollar. Small things matter. And I understand that what may be perfect for my family might not be perfect for yours. The right deeds must match the right people.

I never profess to know everything about anything! One of the foundations of being a scientist is understanding that even the well-known contains mysteries, and that even what you know to be Fact may someday be proven Fiction, or Half-Truth. And, as I’m sure you know, even facts are open to interpretation.