Bloggy Mc"Blaaah"gerson

This blog is a weird thing. I’m not sure what to do with it. I have ideas of what I want it to be, were I not me. Were I a me with more time, or more skill, or more motivation. But I’m just a Regular Me (the best kind of me), and so it is what it is… I’m not sure what that is, though.

I know what I don’t want it to be. I don’t want it to be one of those pretentious blogs that tell you what to do every day. They mean well, but then every day, they tell you what to do. I want to be informative, not bossy. I want it to be all, “Here is how I did it; maybe this will help you and you can use it to find your own way,” rather than “You should be like me; cuz I’m the best.” Also, blogs need personality. That’s what makes them blogs, instead of newspapers or how-to books. I want it to be more like me, and less like a Black and Decker homeowner’s book (Not that I have anything against my Black & Decker book).

I’m not sure I’m conveying any of that.

But I think that might be ok, because I’m not sure anyone is listening to me.

I have a difficult time being personal and engaging when I feel like I’m talking in an empty room.

I did once have a decent blog. I kept it for years. I even made some online friends that way. I found it easy to be thoughtful and personal on this one, because I originally set it up to keep track of my friends. So, when I posted there, I felt as though I was talking straight to them… rather than shouting into the dark.  That feeling has not translated to this blog somehow; not in the least.

I don’t want it to be a blog about my life – “Hey, saw a great movie, have you seen it yet? I just ate the best sandwich!” -- and I don’t want it to be a text book. Somehow, I’m aiming for being personal without being personal. And folks (if any folks are reading) - it ain’t working.  And I’m not sure what to do about that.

Although, PS - I'm slightly ashamed to say that the spreadsheet I posted a few days ago is very me. I love spreadsheets!  So my one little bit of personality there... probably came across as a lack of personality. Such is sometimes the sad case with nerddom.


ConstanceB. said...

I'm listening so you are not talking to an empty room.

Wonkadelica said...

Me too. Glad to see you back. I was hoping you were not sacrificed to the budget cut God.

Alien Mind Girl said...