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"Wandering Jew" blooming like crazy in my yard...

Happy October, everyone!

I’ve been taking a blog-cation… but I’ve had some adventures along the way, which I’ll get more into later. Some of my favorite adventures while I’ve been away:

  • ·         Getting a new roof with reflective, energy efficient shingles
  • ·         Taking a Spokies bicycle tour of Downtown OKC
  • ·         Hosting a Swap and Wine-Tasting Party
  • ·         Learning to make pumpkin puree from scratch
  • ·         Making the perfect pumpkin curry stew
  • ·         Planting blackberry bushes
  • ·         Attending a Wine and Palette painting class with a buddy
  • ·         Buying beeswax candles (shopping spree here and here!)
  • ·         Babysitting my nephew and watching him learn to walk

I wanted to throw a quick shout out and let you know that I’m still here and I’ll be back into the regular weekly posting business quickly – starting today!
Happy Snail on Happy Pumpkin, 2008

I also wanted to gush about the weather. Isn’t this Oklahoma weather we’ve had lately worth celebrating? It’s warmer than expected for October still (depending on your expectations) but the RAIN! Ho, Celebrate The Rain! All this beautiful rain and the cooler-than-broiling temperatures have really given my garden new life – it’s like a second spring! My marigolds, kale, and peppers are happier and healthier than they have been all year. The one cold snap did under my cantaloupes, but they produced like champs before that happened. Why have I not been out hiking this month? Truly, what is wrong with me?

The weather yesterday was so incredible that I did everything I could think of to the garden before I went back in – transplanted, weeded, even turned over the compost and did some soil amendment. Oy, I have a gorgeous patch of dirt now.

I have my next few posts planned out – Adventures in Composting, CSA’s Season End, the Swap Party, and my new energy-saving (I hope) roof!  I am thinking of doing a special Halloween post as an  OkieAdventures segment. I’ll just leave you hanging in suspense on that.

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