Best Recycling Ever! - Box House Gift

Last weekend was my nephew's first birthday party. It was perfectly timed a couple of weeks after my husband bought a new mini-fridge to accomodate his brewing hobby. So of course you know what we were thinking.


My husband and I had a lot of fun putting this together last week.

Features of this piece of real estate are:
  •  Leftover primer gives it a shiny white base coat!
  • Monster duct tape to reinforce edges and corners and seal flaps and creases
  • Toilet paper tubes and tissues make the chimney
  • Bicycle horn acts as doorbell
  • Tap-light LEDs inside for fun and illumination
  • Used extra cardboard and jumbo brad paper fastener to create a spinning color wheel
  • Fake flowers can be put in and out of holes in the flower box
  • The welcome mat is a place mat written on with permanent marker
  • Sharpie, paint pens, magazine cuttings, and contact paper for finishing touches
  • Signed by the artist
  • Our favorite part - a secret Martian landscape!
Both the nephew and his two-year old cousin loved the house! The nephew got really interested when he saw there was a light inside. I was surprised that *both* babies managed to fit in there at once. They sat in there side by side, banging blocks together and throwing things out the little windows. I'm not sure how long the silk flowers will last, but they will be fun for a time. I was also amazed that the box was sturdy enough for the nephew to pull himself up on the door and use it for balance. :)

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