Sunday Hike at Bluff Creek

The family and I went for a hike at Bluff Creek Sunday morning. I thought of you guys and considered bringing the camera, but it was threatening rain and I decided it was best to leave it at home. Resultingly, all pictures you will see come from another source, credited in the captions.

From singletracks.com
All the years I've lived in OKC, and I only recently heard about the Bluff Creek trail. You can find the trail on Meridian just north of Hefner Road.  The trail is 3.5 miles on a (usually) narrow dirt path that winds in and out of dense vegetation. Almost the entire trail is shaded; some of the trail is a leafy tunnel. You can sometimes see Bluff Creek off to the side. This trail is well marked. It goes up and down in small increments of elevation, over short plank bridges and logs, and winds back and forth, sometimes tracking back on itself. This, along with the shade, makes it an interesting, comfortable (yay shade), pretty route. It is my new favorite in-city hike. It took about two hours to complete, hiking at what felt like a decent clip. I don't think I'd want to hike it any faster unless I was jogging! Or at the very least travelling without dogs.

From Singletracks.com
This trail is created and maintained by the Oklahoma Earthbike Federation, and is popular among dirt bikers, so when on the trail make sure to be wary of bikers coming up from behind you and politely let them by.  If you are impressed with the trail you may consider some way of showing your appreciation for those who made the trail for you - making a small donation or at least dropping them a line to say thank you could be nice.

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