Random News Day

 Today shall be... random news and links day! 

Today in news from Yours Truly:

Belle Starr Land for Sale
I can't tell you for sure if this land contains Belle's grave or not, but it is at least adjacent to both the school she and her hubby funded and her burial site. 17 acres, with fishing on the lake all year. Imagine it! You! Living at Lake Eufala so near to Belle Starr's historical homestead! You could have historical tours, ghost story nights, an Outlaw Museum/Gift Shop/Cafe/Bed and Breakfast! Or you could just sit on your porch with a shotgun and cackle like the old men in Second Hand Lions.

Pros and Cons Public Hearings to be Held This Week on the Downtown Boulevard
I didn't even know there was a fuss over this project until I read the Gazette today, but the points of view are interesting and city planning is cool. Because it's like SIMs, except real. Imagine the city you want, help make it happen.

Thackerville Casino the Second Largest in the World??
Did you know this? Is this actually true?! Well, my father-in-law visited last weekend and wistfully discussed how he was missing his chance to see the "second largest casino in the world." I had no idea. Not in Vegas. Not in Dubai. In Thackerville! That's the rumor anyhow. Someone verify or defy this!

Oklahoma Renewable Energy Council Launches New Website
You may not find this exciting, but have you seen it? It's pretty nice! And promises to load up with even more good resources on renewable energy production. It also has a place to load meeting minutes and agendas so you can stay up to date without stepping foot in a pesky meeting. 

Your Home Will Soon Be Overrun by Giant Cantaloupes
Why? Because my cantaloupe vines are growing like freaks from a 1950s horror movie. Soon, they'll escape my yard and grow right into yours. Next, giant ants will attack, but Oklahoma will be safe because they'll be distracted by giant melons.

 PlanOKC Open House Posted Online
Did I mention that I find city planning exciting? Yep. Better than SIMs or Minecraft. More applied than your undergrad course work. See, like Merlin, into the future of your city! Then pretend to be the next Sylvia Browne, shock and amaze your friends with your stunning predictions. PlanOKC has been a fascinating stakeholder process all along, and last week had an update open house meeting and posted the plans' goals onto the website. You can see the presentation and read the document here.

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