First Post


This first post has been a long time in coming. You see, I have issues at times with moderation. When I began to imagine this blog, I dreamed it big, with multiple pages and topics and links, as something that you and I can use as a database, as a place for me to rant, for me to describe my efforts at changing my home and my lifestyle and take questions and ask for advice, as a place for all sorts of things. In short, a giant eco-okla-bloggy mecca. I started to design complex websites that I don't know how to program. I started to write up lots of posts ahead of time, so I can schedule a regular posting a few times a week, even when I have no ideas or motivation. I probably have ten or so, waiting.

But after a while reality came around. Yes, that would be awesome. Yes, my website blog would be unique and useful. But it is also way too ambitious for the amount of time I have to put into it, no matter how passionate I can be, because I am not about to quit my job or take time away from any number of things that are more important to me. This blog is a hobby and I should treat it as such. I was well on the road to treating it as my livelihood and I am not ready for that!

So. I don't know how often I shall post, but post I shall.

Also, some of my posts will be self-centered and only mildly informative. As a hobby blog, I give myself permission to do that.

But by all means, please do still offer advice and questions and comments. It may be just for fun, but it is still in earnest.

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