Energy Loan Update

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I wrote about receiving our loan last July (here), with a run-through of the process and all the work we had done, and a nice little comment about throwing a happy dance party when I got my electric bill. Now that the summer is nearly over, I've had a chance to put together some data on the energy use in our home. 

Here you can see our actual billed energy use compared to the average monthly temperatures.

In this graph, I tried to normalize the data for temperature so that the trends show ONLY electric use, independent on what the temperature would have been. It's basically the same, except the electric use in hot months is adjusted to be slightly less, and colder months shows as slightly more, of course adjusted based upon actual temperatures. I was just curious to see if any differences would stand out if I looked at it this way, so I could consider my energy use without wondering if changes in data came from the weather.

The major points here are:
  • Our home loan! The installation of our new HVAC system and attic insulation is obvious on the chart; this work was done in May and immediately caused a 20-35% decrease for the next few months.
  • In June I finished most of the weatherization, which I learned how to do as a by-product of getting the loan. This appears to have knocked off another few percentage points.
  • In August, we began some very minor remodeling in the kitchen - painting and pulling up trim - which exposed a few holes in the wall. We have not covered them yet. I assume that this month shows more energy use due to these seemingly small leaks having a more significant affect than I expected.
  • June-September of 2010 is much higher than 2009 largely in part due to a bathroom remodel/repair that required us to tear out and rebuild walls and floors.
  • In November 2009, I installed a new Energy Star dishwasher. I don't have enough back data to be sure, but this seems to have made no noticeable impact.


ConstanceB. said...

Wow... that's a big difference, espeically since 2011 was the hottest summer for Oklahoma.

Who are some of the contractors you used to get your AC replaced?

ConstanceB. said...

Great Graphs, BTW

Alien Mind Girl said...

Ummm... We only used one to do all of the work. Are you wanting to know which contractors bid, or just the one company? I can look up the one guy's contact info if you like.

Wonkadelica said...

The dark side of smart meters:

It would be interesting to see how much difference a turbine attic vent would make.

Alien Mind Girl said...

I don't know what that man's area of expertise is supposed to be, but it is clearly not smart meters.

Alien Mind Girl said...

Oh... also, the turbine vents were placed at the same time as our HVAC and insulation, so I have no way of seperating the data. However, the last time I googled for that, I did find a university based study on it, so you could probably locate the info if you looked.