Eco-Documentary Favorites

Happy April, everyone!

April means Earth Day. Cool eco-things happen in Oklahoma during April. It would be nice if the events were more equally spread out during the year, but I understand that this is when environmental issues are more prominently on people’s mind and I certainly! understand the desire to break out of jail and go outside after the last frost. What a better time to have outdoor events than sunny April, with its crisp breeze and green buds?

I’m not going to list April environmental awareness events for you – you can find those yourselves, you smart webby people, you!

Instead, I’m going to recommend some environmental documentaries – you know, from when you’re zonked out on the couch because you’re tired after doing a trash-off or tree-planting event? Of course you wouldn’t be watching tv otherwise! ;-)  Well, I am an eco-, bio-, and adventure-documentary junkie. These are some of my eco-favorites.

Earth Days – describes not only the history of Earth Day, but the history of environmentalism in the US. Educational, interesting, and best of all… intensely inspiring! This one has my highest recommendation. In fact, I might have to go watch it again myself.

John James Audobon: Drawn From Nature – Describes the life of Audobon – including how he came to his profession, his travels, his struggles at becoming recognized in America followed by success abroad, and how his experiences in nature changed his life. Most surprising to me was that he began as an avid hunter – using mounted birds as models for his art – and later became a conservationist after years of watching wildlife populations decline.

Ghost Bird – Not going to lie. I cried. (The story of the ivory-billed woodpecker, it’s alleged re-discovery and later de-bunking, and the affect that had on the local community)

No Impact Man – A journalist in New York City attempts to live for one year without making a negative net impact on the environment. The man (Colin Beaven) takes this interesting challenge to extremes at times, learning along the way. This was less educational than Earth Days, but I found it thought-provoking and fascinating. As an aside, there is a book by the same title.

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Constance Burris said...

These documentaries sound interesting. I wonder if any of them are on Netflix?!?!