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American Pit Bull Terriers and I... we were puppies together!
Please be aware of Senate Bill 32 which is currently in committee. This bill will overturn current state law which prohibits what is called "Breed Specific Legislation" - the ability to ban specific breeds of dog within the state of Oklahoma. If this bill passes, a municipality will have the right to outlaw ANY breed of dog - this is not just about "pit bulls."  Dogs that have been targeted by breed specific legislation across the country in the past have included not just "pit bulls" (which is not a breed, but a dog type, like "hunting dog") but also German Shepherds, Rottweilers, Chow Chows, Dobermans, and more.

I can understand if people feel the need to improve dog safety, but breed specific legislation does NOT do anything to make the public safer. This type of legislation outlaws dogs solely based on appearance, not on the dog's behavior or history, not on the way the dog was treated, not on how responsible or irresponsible their owners are.  This type of legislation does not treat the cause of dog aggression; it does not increase liability or responsibility of the owner; it does not require people to be more conscientious with their animals; it does not require any sort of humane treatment or training, supervision, confinement, or leash laws. All it does is outlaw a breed - flat out.

In other cities with breed specific legislation, owners with that particular breed are not always grandfathered in. In other cities, the doggie gestapo has come knocking on people's doors, taking by force their harmless family pets, and killing them. Not that I am calling names (Denver).

Breed specific legislation is expensive to maintain and enforce, and it is ineffective in increasing public safety. Police have to be trained in dog breed identification, people have to be paid to inspect, confiscate, and transport dogs, animal facilities have to be maintained. Of course we have animal control now, but this would greatly increase the numbers of animals to be processed and require more resources. In the worst case scenario, can you imagine how expensive it would be to kill and dispose of hundreds or thousands of dogs?

There are plenty of ways to increase public safety from dogs without resorting to this type of legislation.

If you are against breed specific legislation in Oklahoma, please consider signing the petition and writing your state representatives.

The petition at Change.org (this is a preview link, so you can view the webpage it directs to before you click):

Bill Text and Status:


Lisa Sharp said...

The first time they tried to pass a pit bull ban I fought like crazy, a state senator I know said at that time there was no way it would pass, I'm hopeful it's still the same.

Alien Mind Girl said...

Yeah, I was thinking something along those lines... but it's important enough that I feel the need to stay vigilant. Maybe when we get tired of arguing is when it will get enough support to pass.