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Cool Upcoming Events
Live On the Plaza is back this Friday, with even more cool stuff than normal. This week there is a Volkswagen car show and an outdoor screening of “The Goonies!” 

The Tulsa Highland games are back with Scotfest this weekend. How I secretly covet the idea of participating in the ceilidh while the hubby watches from the whiskey tasting booth. Maybe he would have enough whiskey to ceilidh! Heh. Not likely, that.   

The annual picnic for my CSA is at Berry Creek Farm this weekend. You should be jealous. The Mrs. Farmer makes the most delicious cheesy squashy casserole you never imagined, and the weather will be great for a picnic!

Recently participated in
Urban Housing Survey at Plan OKC – you should participate, too, if you want the city planners to know what kind of homes you are interested in renting/buying. It was kind of fun, didn’t take very long. 

Cool stuff recently discoverred
I discovered This Land Press at one of my favorite coffeeshops. Loved it so much I shared it and then bought another. Then I saw that they have a website, and the website has even MORE good stuff on it. This girl is hooked.  

The Cloud Atlas. Seen this preview? Do yourself a favor and watch it. The preview was so beautiful and intriguing that I immediately had to run out and get the book. I’ve been reading it this week, and it is unlike anything I’ve ever read before. Very clever. But I can’t explain, you just have to see for yourself.  

This summer I feel in love with Sseko shoes thanks to a mid-afternoon walk and foray into the spiffy Shop Good. My husband calls this pair of versatile shoes my “new hobby.” They recently came out with a line of accessories, to make them even more awesome, impossible as that seems. I am having to learn to keep a close eye on my pocketbook when it comes to these shoes.  

The husband picked up a loaf of bread at the OSU-OKC Farmer’sMarket to go with our summertime cucumber soup. No joke, this garlicky, olivey bread is one of the tastiest breads that ever visited my mouth. It came from Harvest Tyme Bakery in Edmond, which I had not visited or tried before. Eat it, eat it now.

Excitement of the week
I ordered two blackberry bushes from Sooner Plant Farm, scheduled for delivery towards the end of the month. As blackberries are one of my favoritest things ever, I’m very excited. I got two varieties of upright thornless, Navaho and Arapaho, hoping that they would be easier to care for. Also hoping that having two varieties will increase disease resistance and lengthen the harvest period. Wish me luck!  

Neat educational thing to read
EPA has the slides and audio from a webinar on Urban Heat Islands uploaded here. Interesting and a good intro to a phenomenon that affects many of us. If you are curious the slides are good enough for a quick flip-through crash-course.

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Constance Burris said...

I had to immediately buy the book, too!

Me thinks I will go see the Goonies. I love that movie.