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I have been thinking about this blog, what I like about other blogs, and what I might like to see on this one. One of my hang-ups is that I most love for every post to have nice imagery (Nod to jeremyandkathleen, who is awesome at this), and I am a little too lazy to take photos for every story and also hesitant to post a story without a photo. I will work on that. But that’s not all I’ve been thinking about.

 I like it when blogs have series. I think it feeds into my irrational desire to organize things that don’t need to be organized (I am the girl with the categorized, alphabetized CD collection and the closet that is sorted first by garment type and then by ROYGBIV). More than that, I feel that having a blog series is functional because it serves as another path to inspiration, because I can use it as a tool to muse over categories of things.

So, these are my categories now, as they stand. I hope to some day learn how to give each series its own tab with reasonable amounts of effort, but for now I’ll just add the name of the series in the title and tag so that it is easily searchable. Or perhaps list the tags strategically in the side bar? Hmmm. Not every post will fall under one of these categories, but they seem to be a good starting point.

Oklahoma Adventures–  This is where I post about interesting things in and around the state. This might have stories about events I attended or places I visited, or even places I plan and long to visit.
EcoHoma – General information about Oklahoma that strikes me as interesting. News, science, events, etc. My “We arenot boring” rant fits under this category, for example.
Rock Star EcoHomans – This is for interviews and stories on Oklahoma based businesses and people.  
Rock Star Scientists – I would like to do some interviews with science professionals who do interesting and exciting things. Science folks who don’t fit the stereotype, have grand adventures, and unique lives. (This series is inspired by this article on Wired Science, if you are interested)
EcoMe – Are my adventures and misadventures in greening my life and/or leading an ecologically driven lifestyle.
Okie Reviews – If I feel moved to do so, I may share some reviews of stuff and things with you. Because I can get strangely passionate over a really good concert, documentary, or radio program.
EcoIcons – I know I started this series with a post on my dear Aldo Leopold, but I am not sure how much farther I will take it. There are certainly other people that can be added. I doubt if there would be much interest out there for this one... since you can look up all this info on your own.

What do you think? Too many? Not enough? Think I’m silly and I don’t need to alphabetize my CD collection? I know it has been a while but I do have aspirations. Some feedback would help on the directional and motivational end.

…and yes, I am watching the score of the Thunder game while I post this.

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