Concerty Awesomeness

Last night was Concerty Awesomeness at the Diamond Ballroom!

I spent a good three hours hopping up and down, crazy sweaty, inside a hot metal building listening to the Cobra Skulls, the Tossers, and the Dropkick Murphys... it was as awesome as it sounds, and one of the best people-watching concerts I've ever been to, complete with body surfing and little kids with mohawks (always a favorite of mine - I swear one day I will babysit my little nephew only to return him to his parents with a surprise hair makeover).  At the end of that beautiful night listening to the loud, loud sound that is silence as I fall asleep. And I took not a single picture for you or me or anyone, because the thought of taking my camera into a punk rock concert and expecting it to emerge alive at the end of the night is daunting.

But you should have been there. You would have had fun.

Ah, summer concerts... one of the best things in life.

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